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Master Class: Key Message Driven Content

The Power is in the Proof Written by Glenna Cross, ABC, MC, Master Class expert – Have you ever heard a company use a key message like “our customers come first” or “we pride ourselves in our sustainability practices” and (using your inside voice of course) snorted “Sure. I bet. I’d like to see proof of […]

Master Class: Stakeholder Engagement

Why do stakeholder engagement? Written by Dr. Rebecca Sutherns, Master Class expert – We’re living in a time when people expect involvement and transparency in decision making, especially when the outcome affects them. Involving people in decision-making leads to wiser decisions that people will stand behind. Engagement activities can range from informing local residents about an […]

Master Class: Strategic Consulting Skills

From Communications Professional to Business Partner Our Master Class experts, Colleen & Anne Marie will share recognized business practices demonstrated through theory, lived experiences, and interactive exercises. You’ll walk away with practical knowledge and tools to help better position you as a key business partner in your organization or with external clients. In their 60+ […]

Master Class Leaders

Meet the Master Class leaders, or experts, as we like to call them! Credentials aside, who are your master class leaders? Why are they suited to guide you on this learning pathway? Read on to find out… Anne Marie Downey Anne Marie parlayed an extremely successful corporate career into working with organizations to sort complex […]

Why Professional Development Should be Important to You

Professional development should be part of your PIP, growth plan, development plan or personal plan.  As communicators we need to be able to speak factually and confidently about matters pertaining not only to the practice of communications but to matters impacting the organization or business we work within. How will you gain knowledge about trends […]

Master Class – an Elevated Learning Environment

So just what is a Master Class? Simply put a master class it is a class given by an expert on high level content to highly talented students, or in your case, experienced communicators! Now, don’t be scared off by this definition. What our master classes set out to offer you is a high-quality learning […]