Master Class – an Elevated Learning Environment

So just what is a Master Class?

Simply put a master class it is a class given by an expert on high level content to highly talented students, or in your case, experienced communicators!

Now, don’t be scared off by this definition. What our master classes set out to offer you is a high-quality learning environment with content provided by seasoned communications professionals who have tried and tested not only the delivery of this content but the actual content you’ll be learning from.

We’ve all been to the workshop or presentation that fell short of our expectations, was disengaging or was so high level that there was no way to relate the content to your situation. You won’t experience that at our master classes.

Dissection of a Master Class

Our master classes are designed to be engaging, detailed, hands on, collaborative and personal. We’re not going to pack the room with 50 other people and throw a manual at you and call it a day. Your master class experience will be a guided journey through relatable content, storytelling, peer discussion and hands on application. Each class will have about 30 people in total – just like a traditional classroom, only a little less unruly and no need to ask to go to the washroom.

Now don’t get the wrong idea, master class content is delivered in perfectly sized nuggets. Not so large you can’t relate, not so small that it feels ‘dumbed down’. We want you to finish your class with a sense of accomplishment, knowing you’ve got new knowledge, fresh ideas, invigorated enthusiasm and well, down right feeling good about how you spent your time.

That’s our last point, our master classes are intense half day sessions so you can get in, get the knowledge and get out. We know you are busy, we know you can’t be away from the office for days at a time but you need high level professional development; we know our master classes can fit that need.

See the 2020 Atlantic Communications Master Class Series.