Master Class: Strategic Consulting Skills

From Communications Professional to Business Partner

Our Master Class experts, Colleen & Anne Marie will share recognized business practices demonstrated through theory, lived experiences, and interactive exercises. You’ll walk away with practical knowledge and tools to help better position you as a key business partner in your organization or with external clients.

In their 60+ combined years in the profession, they have found that communications competence and strategic thinking alone are not enough to elevate communicators as a business partner.  Communicators must also come to the table as strategic consultants, ready and able to see and respond to issues and challenges from the broadest perspective, not just the communications lens.  We must be able to explore business needs, sort complex issues, influence perspectives, recommend change and plan for and manage resistance.  

In this Master Class they’ll explore a range of high-value skills with an emphasis on asking powerful questions, which are core to how effectively we influence and lead.


What have past participants said about this Master Class?

“Great workshop – I would highly recommend it to anyone!”

“I loved this workshop, very energizing.  Also gives me a framework/policy of what my role is about, what I say, what I do, when I go back.  Thank you so much!”

 “I learned so much – this was excellent!”

“Great workshop. Real-life examples of dealing with clients was extremely helpful. The materials were concise and laid out in a clear manner.


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