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Master Class: Key Message Driven Content

The Power is in the Proof

Written by Glenna Cross, ABC, MC, Master Class expert – Have you ever heard a company use a key message like “our customers come first” or “we pride ourselves in our sustainability practices” and (using your inside voice of course) snorted “Sure. I bet. I’d like to see proof of that!” I know I sure have…and still do.

Key messages used like that – alone, unproven, almost as a slogan – are not particularly meaningful, and can be downright negative if they stimulate a snort in response.

The magic of key messages is not in the messages themselves, it is in the proof points that support the message. If you want me to believe one of these “motherhood” key messages, you’d better be able to prove them with facts, evidence or statistics. For example, if you tell me that your “customers come first” you could prove that with customer satisfaction statistics, policies about easy product returns or even a series of believable testimonials. Or better yet, all of the above.

Learn more about the power of the proof during the Atlantic Communications Master Class series in St. John’s, Fredericton and Halifax. We’ll take a deep dive into the value of developing comprehensive and provable key messages using a recent case study. We’ll discuss the value of having key message themes, but the need to articulate the ideas through proof points. A full key messages deck (including the juicy proof points) for this project will be provided as a takeaway.


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Master Class: Strategic Consulting Skills

From Communications Professional to Business Partner

Our Master Class experts, Colleen & Anne Marie will share recognized business practices demonstrated through theory, lived experiences, and interactive exercises. You’ll walk away with practical knowledge and tools to help better position you as a key business partner in your organization or with external clients.

In their 60+ combined years in the profession, they have found that communications competence and strategic thinking alone are not enough to elevate communicators as a business partner.  Communicators must also come to the table as strategic consultants, ready and able to see and respond to issues and challenges from the broadest perspective, not just the communications lens.  We must be able to explore business needs, sort complex issues, influence perspectives, recommend change and plan for and manage resistance.  

In this Master Class they’ll explore a range of high-value skills with an emphasis on asking powerful questions, which are core to how effectively we influence and lead.


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