Why Professional Development Should be Important to You

Professional development should be part of your PIP, growth plan, development plan or personal plan.  As communicators we need to be able to speak factually and confidently about matters pertaining not only to the practice of communications but to matters impacting the organization or business we work within. How will you gain knowledge about trends and best practices in communications?

Today’s new normal is full of change. Professional development can assist you with creating your own change, keeping up with a change you can’t avoid, knowing about what change might be coming your way and more.

Here are five reasons professional development should be important to you:

  1. Lifelong learning – Career Development

The pursuit of knowledge suits the curious nature of human beings. It enhances social inclusion, self sustainability, employability and competitiveness. If you want to reach the top, you’ll never stop learning along the way.

  1. Get outside your box

We all spend so much time in our workplace, with our colleagues, in our industry that some times we just need to step outside it all and hear from a totally different perspective – plus a day out of the office is a great way to feel refreshed and invigorated

  1. Cross industry pollination

Just like ‘we’ve always done it that way’ can lead to trouble, so can ‘everyone in our industry does it like that’ – a great idea in one industry can be a great idea in another, or repurposed to fit another…

  1. Networking, like brainstorming, can lead to idea sparks

Those questions that get asked at the end of a presentation or that great lunch time conversation – that’s where the real gold can some times be found. Everyone hears and digests information differently, so it’s likely their question or thoughts on the very same information you just heard, are not the same!

  1. Keep up or get left behind

Ensure your capabilities and scope of knowledge is where it should be. Be on the crest of the curve, not behind it. Continue to make meaningful contributions, be an effective team member or leader.

In short, professional development prepares you and opens you up to new possibilities, new knowledge and new skill areas.

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